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Opinion: GSM DATA, SCIENCE & LOGIC versus APC Propaganda and Misrule


By : Abiodun Oluwaseun Laurel
Member of the GSM Advocate

As humans, a good relationship will always erase the bad experience and years of suffering and annihilation by the All for Poverty Congress who came to impoverish the good people of Oyo State and swell their pockets for vanity.

It is imperative to remind the good people of Oyo State of our history and where we are coming from in the hands of the All for Poverty Congress , so as not to fall for their E-rats campaign of calumny against our God Sent Man.

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The reinvention and use of data, science and logic by the administration of Engr. Seyi Makinde has further dampened their survival and cut their ranks as their major leaders continue to split into mushroom parties for personal interest. All their chances of revival and coordination has been sent into oblivion and endless confusion till the end of years which is a payback for their wicked and spurious manner of governance.

Many Nigerians agree that APC and maladministration are Siamese twins, they find joy and solace in the cries of an average Nigerian citizen.

One would wonder if the APC and their propaganda which was overwhelmingly rejected by all and sundry in the 2019 Gubernatorial election in Oyo State would have anything to offer again come 2023 as the electorates wants them to take another lap and outing of shame.

APC is a group of terrible criminals, propagandists, and liars who have brought hardship to Nigerians at their slightest seizure of power. What worst do we expect of a party built on the foundation of lies and core values of falsehood that swindled the electorates and Nigerians with the Change Mantra which has left the country perplexed, threatened our unity, destabilize our economy, close down our schools, and pushed a dollar to one thousand naira?

At the mention of APC, Nigerians and most especially Oyo state electorates are alert to the following popular terms;

  • Corruption
  • Huge debt
    *Banditry and Kidnapping
    *A regional and one-sided Government
    *Killing of innocent youths during End-SARS
    *Constituted Authority
    *Jagba and Retrieving of transformers
    *Hoarding of palliative meant for citizens
    *Closure of Tertiary Institutions
    *Diverting project funds for personal benefits (Mummy has an interest)
    *Unpaid salaries and annihilation of civil servants
    *Raining curse and abuse on retirees and pensioners
    *Increase in dollar Rate
    *Food scarcity and Inflation
    *Increase in Unemployment

A survey of the opinion and perspective of Oyo State electorates shows clearly that APC and their candidates has been rejected and that they cannot wait to pelt them stones and pour them dirty water during the campaigns, the shout from all angles is that Oyo must not go back to Egypt and years of hardship after meeting the God Sent Man

Who is this God sent Man? Street talks, early morning newspaper arguments, market gossips points to Governor Seyi Makinde; a man who drives the ark of Oyo state with Data, Science and Logic. The aura and spice his name adds to discussion makes him the masses delight, his performance within three years of his administration has drawn attention from far and near, he has channeled his focus on attaining accelerated and exponential development to place oyo state in the comity of flourishing states in the midst of APC maladministration in the whole of southwest.

Indices shows that Data Science and Logic approach is yielding results on all sectors of the Oyo State Economy ranging from

  1. Youth inclusiveness
  2. Agribusiness
  3. Health Care
  4. Sports Development
  5. Housing
  6. Security
  7. Infrastructural Development
  8. Security
  9. Welfare of civil servants, retirees and pensioners
  10. Quality Education
  11. Transportation
  12. Energy and Urbanization
  13. Economic growth and stability
  14. Good Governance
  15. Investment
  16. Peaceful cohabitation

At the end, the people of Oyo state are clamoring for the continuation of this beneficial and people-oriented leadership style which has transformed the fortunes of the state and make it the favorites and standard bearer for other states in Nigeria. We are the pace setter and we want to teach other states how to send APC away, No to Egypt, it is Seyi we want AGAIN.

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