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MAN O WAR TOPS COMMAND Debunks Illegal Suspension Of “Coordinator in Chief”, Vow to punish the perpetrator


The attention of the leadership of Man O WAR TOPS COMMAND has been drawn to news circulating that the “COORDINATOR IN CHIEF” has been suspended.

Normally, such illegal news doesn’t warrant a reaction from us, but to set the record straight, the alleged “ADVISORY FORUM” of the command doesn’t have any power to suspend the “Coordinator in Chief” or any members.
Even if C-in-C should be suspended pending a disciplinary inquiry. Not all alleged transgressions which are the subject of a disciplinary inquiry warrant his suspension.
Whereas the Supreme document of the Man O WAR sets out the procedure to be followed before any leaders of the command can be dismissed, no procedure is provided before suspending a “Coordinator in Chief”

To address this gap, in Nigeria law, the Court held that it is necessary that suspensions are based on substantive reasons and that fair procedures are followed before suspending an office holder. Of importance, the court stated that the management should offer an officer the opportunity to be heard before suspending him or her.
The first question you should ask is;
On what grounds can “Coordinator in Chief” be suspended?
He has never been investigated for gross misconduct, for health or safety reasons.
There are about 4 steps to Progressive Discipline Policy;
Step 1: Counseling and a verbal warning
Step 2: Written warning.
Step 3: Suspension and final written warning.
Step 4: Recommendation for termination of service.
You won’t be surprised that none of the steps has been taken before the publication of the illegal suspension of “Coordinator in Chief”.

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The MAN O’WAR TOPS COMMAND shows their dissatisfaction over the illegal suspension of their “Coordinator in Chief” by a member of the “advisory forum” parading himself as the mouthpieces of the forum which is a total stain to MAN O’WAR TOPS COMMAND and all her members at large.

The MAN O’WAR TOPS COMMAND reacted further that, It is a big slap to the whole leaders and Cadre of the command if the immediate past “Coordinator in Chief” and of course a graduate student claiming to be part of decisions maker under the disguise of being a member of the “Advisory forum” of the command, even though “Advisory forum” has no power to suspend anyone.

According to the provision of the constitution of the MAN O’WAR, NIGERIA
Article 9, serial number 9.3, it stated that;
“After passing out parade, graduating students shall not interfere in the internal running of the organization rather join the community-based Man O’war to continue his/her membership”

We see no reason why Bamidele Damilola John
Popularly known as (Delta), will publish a suspension letter after he graduates from the school.
We are using this medium to direct all students to debunk the fabricated lies and illegal suspension by Bamidele Damilola John under the umbrella of the “Advisory forum” of the command.
The command is working internally to make sure the perpetuator face the wrath of Law for his actions.

Signed: Salaudeen Mujeeb (Coordinator in Chief)

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