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Oyo Govt. Threatens Legal Action Against Land Grabbers


The Oyo State Government has warned that those who use illegitimate tactics to acquire land in the state will be prosecuted.

The acting governor of Oyo State, Barrister Adebayo Abdul-raheem, gave the warning on Saturday after inspecting about 10 acres of Oyo State government-owned land at Dominican University in Samonda, Ibadan North, which Hon. Lekan Afuye, the former chairman of Ibadan North East claimed to own.

Lawal said that the Makinde-led administration will bring legal action against anyone found threatening the state’s peace and dishonoring official properties without a valid ownership document.

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This newspaper reports that the former council boss on Thursday directed some operators to the property where they destroyed roughly about 8 buildings.

The head mechanic at the site, who simply identified himself as Gbenga to our correspondent, narrated how Hon. Afuye intimidated the site’s workers and dispatched bulldozers to destroy buildings on the land.

But on Friday, Agba Egbe, the current chairman of Ibadan North, intervened and halted the destruction by requesting that the operators should provide an original copy of the paperwork proving their ownership of the site to the Oyo state government.

Afuye and the operators were later detained for interrogation till Monday after being arrested, according to Gbenga.

While speaking with reporters shortly after touring one of the structures vandalized by the land grabbers, the acting governor emphasized that it is land grabbing when someone asserts they are the owner of roughly 10 acres of land for private use without providing any documentation to support their claim.

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