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Gov. Makinde Has Given Opposition Parties Sleeping Pills In Oyo, What We Have Now Is Political Jobbers – Wale Bodija


The 2023 general election is indeed far-ahead but, it is still also a fact that some major elective offices in Oyo state have been won before the election, why is this so?

The Oyo state government has proved the critics wrong, he did not only perform, he performed beyond expectation, but his landmark achievement in all sectors has also crippled the opposition.

In the past 3 years, Gov. Seyi Makinde has shown how easily state governance is, without sentiments, I can categorical tell you the opposition are out of criticism compared to what’s happening in other states and the country at large.

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Seyi Makinde’s government in the history of Oyo state has been scandal-free, and political appointees are on top gear in their duties, no kickback, no free money, Seyi Makinde set the standard and his appointees find his footsteps easily to step on.

Since 2019, the state money has always been traceable to the state account and spent meaningfully on state-benefiting projects. If you as a public office holder have been able to siphon 2 million then you are a genius and let it be of note the law will catch up with you soon.

The picture is clearer now, remembering the words of his excellency governor Seyi mankinde’s speech at his inauguration dinner in 2019 he stated it clearly that “It’s Not Going to be Business as Usual”. No wonder some political jobbers had to leave because they can’t stand the heat of the new policy being enforced to change the narrative of governance.

Yes, someone has to take it up, someone has to start from somewhere not minding the heat, and noise that comes with it, that is what mankinde has put in place.

I won’t come here to bore you with the tremendous achievements of this administration, but it’s just obvious that the opposition, aggrieved has run out of ideas, and maybe need to try again in 2027.

Who doesn’t want development, come 2023 the people of Oyo state will decide if they want continuity or wants public funds’ hyena to take over and return them to the dark days of monkey dey work bamboo dey chop.

Akinwale Bodija
Writes From Bodija Compound,
Oke Aare Beere,

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