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2023 Oyo Central Senatorial: Ilaka: A Man Whose Time Has Come By Agboluwaje Karimu


“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo

A clear example of the above quote is Chief Bisi Ilaka’s decision to throw his hat into the ring, once again, in the Senatorial contest for who will represent the good people of Oyo Central Senatorial zone in 2023.

Chief Bisi Ilaka an accomplished lawyer and a tax consultant, since 2011, has made efforts to represent the people of Oyo Central Senatorial circuit. However, these efforts have been without success. This was not because the people didn’t want him, but largely due to the many flaws in our electoral processes. Although we continue to ask difficult questions from our successive representatives, none has given a better answer, in words or deed, that reflect their capacity to help Oyo Central with quality representation at the Red Chamber.

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It is not in doubt that from the inception of the present democratic dispensation, the people have not had the good fortune of enjoying quality representation. Whether by error or omission, we the residents of Oyo Central have consistently chosen wrongly. It was therefore with great delight that we received the news that Chief Bisi Ilaka, the Ladilu of Oyo Kingdom, has declared his intention to contest the Senatorial seat for Oyo Central.

For those who don’t know, Ilaka is a philanthropist of note whose generousity has positively impacted a lot of people not just in Oyo Central, but across the country.

Ilaka’s competence for the position would have been called to question if he hadn’t held a public office before now. However, his stint as the Chief of Staff to the performing Governor of Oyo state, Engr Oluseyi Makinde, has shut the mouths of naysayers. Ilaka did not only perform excellently, he also showed how a public officer or servant should manage a position held in trust for the people. He was never too busy to attend to anyone, no matter how lowly-placed. Hardly would you enter his office and not come out with a smile. The Ilaka, whom I know, as erstwhile chief of Staff, always went the extra mile to assist all who visited his office for one favor or another.

If as a Chief of Staff, the Ladilu achieved so much, imagine how much more he would as the Senator. He has the competence, experience and the exposure to put Oyo Central in its rightful place. We have suffered too much neglect from those who represented us and are still doing.

Perhaps Ilaka came before his time because between 2011- 2019, we have had the misfortune of casting our votes for politicians who cared less about us. Those whose major preoccupation was to feather their nests with our common wealth once they got to Abuja. We have exhausted our alternatives in Oyo Central and there is no one else to turn to for rescue other than the Ladilu of Oyo Kingdom in 2023.

2023 is just not llaka’s year to shine, but the entire residents of Oyo Central Senatorial zone. We have made mistakes in the past, and we are set to remedy this. Ilaka is who we want and Ilaka is who we will get by the grace of God. For with Ilaka it is ” ANFANI FOR ALL”.

Lastly, there is nothing that can stop a man whose time has come. In 2023, Oyo Central Senatorial zone will enjoy the benefits of having a well-educated and internationally-exposed person in Chief Bisi Ilaka representing us in the Red Chamber.

Agboluwaje Karimu is a social commentator resident in Oluyole local government area of Oyo state.

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